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12 Oct

Styled by KDG


The evolution of sibling relationships have been documented in fiction, biographies, art, and psychological studies. But this 40 year photographic documentation of four sisters, to me, may just speak more than all the words.

Y’all know I love the Gap. I have and will continue to highlight their stuff on this blog. But sometimes you just have to wonder. I innocently opened a Gap promo email to find myself being exhorted to purchase the “Fur-Trimmed Snorkel Parka”. First off, after a disastrous honeymoon snorkeling experience, the word snorkel is not a selling point to me. Second, having been snorkeling – see disastrous reference above – I was flummoxed by the combination of the words fur and parka with snorkel. Even after checking out this bizarre sounding coat, I still cannot tell you from where or what the “snorkel” reference comes. Perhaps they were simply naming clothing as if  “no…

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